Help Provide 52 weeks of food or 2 three-day training seminars image

Help Provide 52 weeks of food or 2 three-day training seminars

Providing Food for Lepers, Teaching Leaders for the Next Generation

$32,025 raised

$80,000 goal

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52 Weeks Of Food for Lepers!

In 2018, because of your generous donations, we were able to provide two nutritious meals a month to over 750 lepers living in a leper colony in Jaipur. That's 24 meals! We also conducted teaching seminars for 130 of India's next generation of leaders. Home gatherings in five villages and two different cities have experienced significant growth, increasing from 2 to 5 times their original size. Hundreds of people who have never heard the good news about Father or the LIGHT are not only hearing but believing!

Will you help us provide…

…52 weeks of food or

2, three-day training seminars?

Providing the lepers a clean meal each week does more than satisfy their hunger—it gives them hope. And it also provides our friends with an opportunity to teach them about Father. Equipping the next generation of leaders and providing them with the tools they need to teach others multiplies the Word well beyond those we teach.

Our goal is to raise $80,000 this next year. It will allow us to provide one healthy meal every week to 750 people in the leper colony. It will also allow our friends to meet with them periodically to share the LIGHT and take them other basic necessities. We will also be able to hire a teacher (or two!) and provide books and materials to teach the children of the lepers how to read and write.

Finally, the money will allow us to train 60 people for 3 days twice a year and give them LIGHT to illuminate their souls so they can illuminate the souls of others.

We will send you a gift from our new Black Star of India gift selection (rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces.) The Black Star of India is a stone that is mined locally in Jaipur. The image of a cross appears in the middle of the stone when reflecting light. It serves as an excellent reminder of the LIGHT that shines in the dark places of this world. You can use your free gift to send to others and we would be happy to send it to them for you!

We can feed one person in the leper colony a nutritious meal for under $2.00. That means we can feed one person, once a week, for an entire year for only $100! Your money goes a looonnng way, so no gift is too small. Please join us in making 2019 a great year for the treasured people in Jaipur - 52 meals for 750 lepers and sound biblical training for 60 people twice during the year.

Help us bring the LIGHT to the dark places of India!

Thank you for walking on this journey with us!

Tina & Terry

P.S. Consider making your one-time donation a monthly donation to help T & A conitnue their work to these precious people in India.

Once again, we are offering the Give a Gift, Receive a Gift. For your donation, we will send you your choices of 221 brass and sterling silver pieces. We also have Black Star rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces as well to choose. These will be reminders to you to continue to pray for these precious people in India. Also, if you would like to send one or two of these to friends as a gift, you can specify who with an address and we will get the gift to them.

Choose one piece of jewelry

  • $25 one meal a week for one person with leprosy for 2 months
  • $50 to cover expense (travel, food, board, clothes) for one leader for 3 days of classes

Choose two pieces of jewelry

  • $100 one meal a week for one person with leprosy for one year
  • $250 one meal for a family in the leper colony for half a year

Choose four pieces of jewelry

  • $500 ten leaders receive 3 days of teaching/training, including all expenses.
  • $1,000 one meal for 750 lepers

Choose six pieces of jewelry

  • $2,500 3 meals for 750 lepers

Choose eight pieces of jewelry

  • $6,000 a teacher for one year for the children in the leper colony