Giving to teach leaders, feed lepers and care for orphans

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Every donation helps teach men & women Truth. Twice a year they are given transportation and housing to attend a 3-day teaching of God's WORD. This allows them to go back to their villages and teach others. Their home classes are multiplying and people are coming to the LIGHT. $70 provides food, clothing, lodging and transportation for a leader to the 3-day training. $3,500 allows 50 people to be taught, fed, clothed and housed for 4 days.

Every donation helps to provide clean, nutritious meals to more than 700 people who are afflicted by leprosy. These people go out to beg each day for enough money to get food for that day. They are not treated kindly. We want to help them and give them dignity so they can hear the Good News. $25 provides one meal to a person with leprosy. $1,500 feeds one meal to 700 people in the leper colony.

Every donation helps to provide clothing and food for 83 orphan boys. These boys attend school and hear the Truth each day. $25 provides a pair of pants, a shirt and a pair of shoes for an orphan boy.

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